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Kingston Based Oxford University Graduate Private Tutor Offering Private Tuition In Maths, Physics, Science & I.C.T.

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I am Andy Hine, an Oxford University graduate with over 15 years private tuition experience in Maths, Physics, Science and IT to all ages and abilities from infants to adults taking complex PhDs.

I have been "police checked" and hold a CRB license (Disclosure Number 001329192895) and certified safe to work with children and vulnerable people in a one-on-one environment.

Find out more about my teaching style, read a few of my previous students' testimonails or contact me on or 02036270821 to arrange an initial lesson and discuss your private tuition needs.

Private Tuition Subjects Kingston Tutor

G.C.S.E Maths, Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), I.C.T, D.T
A Level Maths, Physics, I.C.T, Some Chemistry (please contact me)
Degree/Adult I.C.T / Computing, Some Maths (please contact me)
Entrance Exams St Pauls, PAT, Oxbridge e.t.c

Private Tuition Location

I am available for online Skype tution or in person based at Richmond Park Road, Kingston, Surrey, KT2 6AF (map) close to both Kingston Train Station and the 65 bus route from Ealing/Richmond.
I am in an ideal position to offer private tuition to Kingston schools within easy walking distance from Tiffin Boys School, Tiffin Girls School and Kingston Grammer School.

(Kingston Upon Thames is close to: East Molesy, Ham, New Malden, Norbiton, Richmond, Surbiton, Teddington and Twickenham).
Please click here for directions and a map.

I regret I am only able to tutor from my house in Kingston and am unable to travel.

Private Tuition Prices

My current rate is £50 per hour for a private one-on-one lesson.

A special 10% discount is available for blocks of 10 lessons paid for in advance. Other discounts are available for group lessons.

Oxford UniversityTutorial Based Teaching Method

My tuition style is based on the Oxford University Tutorial System which benefited me greatly allowing me to obtain a 1st and come 3rd in my year.

My method is designed to assist the student in "working out" answers to complex problems by themselves by breaking the problem into smaller, manageable sub problems and steps.

I've found this method drastically boosts the student's knowledge, confidence, problem solving abilities and hence test results while keeping the lesson fun and engaging (see testimonials below).

Private Tuition Testimonials

Below are a few testimonials from past and current students - please feel free to contact any of them for an individual reference by email or contact Kingston Tutor for their telephone numbers.

"I found Andy was very helpful and helped me see a different side to maths so now I not only understand it but enjoy it."
Georgina Barrett, 16, 07704462575
GCSE Higher Maths, March 2012. Georgina got As in both Maths and Statistics.

"Unlike other tutors, Andy really made me think for myself and in this way helped me to understand maths and physic problems throughly."
Catherine Howe, 18 years old,
A Level Maths and Physics

"Andy was very engaging and dynamic, he gave great advice and really helped me through my course."
James Bower, 16 years old,, 07807795782
A Level Maths and Physics
James obtained 84% in AS Physics and 83% in his AS Maths exam. He also got A in Physics A2.

"I feel the way in which Andy led me to find the answer on my own has allowed me to remember concepts more readily."
Armand Agraviador, 18 years old,, June 2008
A Level Maths
Results August 2008: A Grade. "I am positive that I would not have achieved the C3 and C4 grades without your help."

"I have full confidence in recommending Andy Hine to any close friends, he personally helped me with pure and statistical mathematics both of which I had substantial difficulties, difficulties which I overcame easily due to the lessons. He made concepts clear and easy to understand with effective methods."
Kenzo Ejiri, 18 years old,
A Level Maths (Core and Statistics)

"Andy has helped me understand Physics well, going through the syllabus throughly and allowing me to understand concepts not grasped in lessons."
Ian Fung, 16 years old, 07965237173

"What makes a difference is that Andy doesn't feed me the answers; he makes me work it out for myself. Very worthwhile."
Jo Oram, 18 years old
A Level Physics (Cosmology)

"Thanks to Andy's help my marks have greatly improved, and I got 96% in my last assessment.
Andy has enabled me to understand and to be able to work out Physics problems by myself."

Dulcie Buckenham, 21 years old,, Jan 2008
Physics Access Course
Results September 2008: Dulcie was top of her class achieving A1 and was awarded a prize for her results. She went on to achieve a 2.1 in her degree.

"Studying with Andy has greatly improved both my knowledge and understanding of Physics and my confidence in exam technique"
Michael Massarano, 17 years old, 01932 564 118,
A Level Physics

"He can also teach people who aren't 12 year old geniuses!"
Lora Marty, 17 years old,
A Level Core Maths

"Andy made science more enjoyable for me, and makes me feel more confident about the subject. I also learnt a lot with him in a short matter of time which has definitely improved my GCSE grade dramatically"
"Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I know if you didn't tutor me I would have failed. I just want you to know with the help you gave me I am now on the right tracks for what I want to do and the things I want to achieve"

Stephen, 16 years old, spursfan9@btinternet.coms
GCSE Science

"We have managed to secure Samantha a place in a higher Maths set, ensuring she will be sitting higher levels in the exam. I attribute the lessons she attended with you as a major contribution as her confidence levels in Maths have increased tremendously"
Samantha's Mother,
G.C.S.E Maths

"Very intellectually stimulating and huge emphasis on real understanding"
Elena Papamicheal, 18 years old, 079321 88540,, Jan 2008
A Level Physics

"His tuition is very useful and helps in understanding."
Chris Kanani, 16 years old,
A Level Maths and Further Maths

"When I started seeing Andy half way through Year 10 I wasn't doing well in GCSE Maths. There were too many things I didn't understand and it was difficult for my teachers at school to spend enough time going over things.
Andy really helped me by working with me on the things I was struggling with at my own pace - especially algebra."

Jack Schofield, 15 years old,
G.C.S.E Maths

"Very helpful, gives useful and great understanding in difficult science topics."
Joshua Ogugaa, 16 years old,
G.C.S.E Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics

"Very good - he uses his own teaching style which gave me clearer understanding"
Matt Dreyes, 17 years old,
A Level Physics

My Qualifications

Gaining an entry and later Science scholarship at Reeds School, Cobham I obtained 7A*'s and 10A's at GCSE, followed by 4 As in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry at A Level.

As the only student to get into Oxford University I obtained a 1st class Masters degree in 2003 in Engineering and Computing Science, coming 3rd in the year with my course being sponsored by a Government department.

Invited on another scholarship to Japan, I spent a year at a Japanese University learning Japanese and teaching English.

I am the founding director of Hine Systems Limited producing high tech software development offering solutions using software designed by myself which ranges from mission critical robotics control to websites viewed by millions of people a day.

Having tutored continually since my scholarship in Japan I am able to grasp a student's level extremely quickly and tailor my tuition around their needs while helping them exceed their personal exceptions.

Recommended Private Tuition Revision Books

I (and most students agree!) that most course textbooks are both over complex and contain a lot of surplus information not required by the syllabus.

I therefore recommend the following "CGP Revision Books", both while tutoring and for the students private revision which break down the syllabus of most exam boards into manageable chunks, only containing information required.

CGP Revision Books are available for most subjects at both G.C.S.E and A Level both online below and from most good bookshops. Please ensure the version of the book you buy is for your correct syllabus!

revision book image
revision book image
CGP GCSE Biology
revision book image
CGP GCSE Chemistry
revision book image
CGP GCSE Physics
revision book image
CGP GCSE Double Science

AS Maths: Revision Guide Pt. 1 & 2
revision book image
A2-Level Physics: Revision Guide

Past Exam Papers and Answers

As well as providing syllabus tuition, I am able to assist with both exam preparation as well as exam technique which can be used to boost results substantially with little effort.

Past Exam Papers complete with answers for most major exam boards (AQA, Edexcel and OCR) at both G.C.S.E and A level are available from the free from the exam board's website.